Audio Clips From Radio Shows

Stage Shadows Production

Blackjack - Retribution - written by Alexander Simmons 
The above show was a production of Stage Shadows, Inc. as originally broadcast on the
radio show - "Classic Radio" on on WFUV, 90.7FM NPR.
The show ran for 15 years and had a loyal following of over 50,000 listeners.
The Classic Radio program was in the style of what is affectionately called "Old Time Radio",
and presented broadcasts from that era what is now known as The Golden Age of Radio.
The Stage Shadows productions presented modern, original shows were created and broadcast in the style
of those once upon a time radio dramas - proudly carrying on a great tradition.
Sound engineering and electronic sound effects were created by Adrian Cosentini for the shows.

Campbell Play House - A Christmas Carol from Orson Welles - 12-23-1939

Pearl Harbor Broadcast - This is a compilation of Broadcasts around the time of the Pearl Harbor Attack. First, there is an excerpt of The March of Time, then a speech by Edward R. Murrow, a week before Pearl Harbor, then news broadcast of the attack, the speech by FDR the day after.